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We have thousands of hairstyles, these wigs are based on characters from anime, animation, and video games. You can choose the right hairstyle according to your head shape to make you better. You can also get inspiration from our many wig hairstyles to match your outfit perfectly. This will enrich your cosplay experience.


Best hairstyles for different face shapes

  • For an oval face shape, the widest distance between the forehead and the chin is similar. You can try long hair, short hair, straight hair, and curly hair. Even if the hair is all tied up, the hairstyle that completely leaks out the facial features can be completely held.
  • The most troublesome part of the diamond-shaped face is that the cheekbones on the cheeks are too conspicuous, the forehead appears narrower, and the chin appears smaller. Opt for long, side-swept bangs to highlight your cheekbones with long layers, or go short with a textured lob. Try out a sleek middle part with your hair tucked behind your ears or a sleek high ponytail, this will compliment your cheekbones, change your face shape, soften your jawline and make you look better
  • The main goal for long face shapes is to make your face appear wider than it is to balance out the longer length, so curls are an excellent option for you. Why do you think Carrie Bradshaw always looked so fabulous? In addition to her drool-worthy closet filled with clothes by couture designers, she let her natural curls run loose and wild, opening up her face shape.
  • A long face is relatively troublesome. Usually, the length of the face is much larger than the width of the face. The forehead and chin of this face shape tend to bring a lot of attention. It is clear that this face shape lacks curves and contours, so curls are an excellent option for you. Whatever hairstyle you go for, remember your looking for width rather than length.
  • For round faces, it may not be too different in width and length, giving them a round shape. In order to make the face elongated and thinner, try braiding the hair to make it look more voluminous. This allows the extra volume on the top of the head to blend into the face shape, making it look longer and thinner. You can also opt for short haircuts, which look especially flattering on round faces.
  • When choosing a hairstyle for a square-shaped face, you can try side-parted hair, which can make the facial features more three-dimensional and elongate your face. You can even prepare bangs for yourself. Side-parted hair with bangs may not only add length and three-dimensionality to the face but also give it a softer aesthetic.