Collection: Orange Wigs

What is an orange wig?

You can easily try different styles of hairstyles, The orange wig is designed according to the hair color of the characters in anime, animation, and games. It is one of the important props to help you complete cosplay.

What is orange?

Orange in the middle and low-frequency part of the visible light in the electromagnetic wave, the frequency is 480~510THz, and the corresponding wavelength in the air is about 625~590nm. Intermediate color between red and yellow. Orange is a cheerful, lively, and enthusiastic radiant color, and is the warmest color in the warm color family.

Why are cosplay wigs orange?

Objects appear in different colors depending on the wavelengths they cannot absorb, the eye perceives orange when observing light with a dominant wavelength between approximately 625 and 590 nm.

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