Collection: White Wigs

What is a white wig?

White wigs are used by people to change their outfits and are one of the props of cosplay costumes. White hair is cool, but is it right for me? When you are hesitating, the white wig provides you with valuable advice, try it bravely, and you will see your cool self.

What is white?

White, a color that includes all colors of light in the spectrum, is generally considered ‘colorless‘. White has the highest brightness and no hue. White light can be obtained by mixing the three primary colors of light in the spectrum: red light, emerald green light, and indigo blue light in a certain proportion. White is a neutral color and is often used as a background color on pages, as well as in print.

Why are cosplay wigs white?

The eye perceives white when all light in the visible light spectrum enters the visual range at the same time.

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