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We have colorful wigs, these wigs are designed based on characters from anime, animation, and video games. You can choose the character hair you want to cosplay with according to your favorite color. This will make your cosplay more realistic. You can also get inspiration in our many wig colors.


What color is the most popular wig?

In general, natural colors and tea browns are more popular. But in any case, the choice of color depends on personal preference. Below I will briefly introduce the choice of several wig colors according to the color of the skin:

  1. If it is a natural skin tone, this kind of skin is the best, it looks healthy and shiny, and there is a lot of room for choosing hair color, such as yellow, brown-red, wine red, dark purple, dark coffee, etc. Very appropriate.
  2. If the skin color is dark, the skin pigment will be seriously precipitated, which will make the skin color look dull and dull. Use some natural black, dark orange, etc. to set off the hair color, which will brighten the complexion.
  3. If your skin is yellowish, you can choose darker colors such as natural black and light brown, which will make the yellowish skin appear much whiter. But it is recommended that you never choose yellow hair color, it will make the skin that is not good-looking even more ugly.

How many types of wigs are there

There are three kinds of wigs, human hair, chemical fiber hair, and high-temperature silk.

  • Real human hair is made of processed pure human hair. Real human wigs are more realistic and not easy to knot. Just like your real hair, you can _, dye, perm, and easily change hairstyles, but the price is higher, The qualitative effect is not very good.
  • Chemical fiber wigs are made of chemical fibers. The wigs made of chemical fiber fibers have poor fidelity, feel itchy after wearing, and are easy to react with the scalp, but the price is relatively cheaper, and the styling effect is better.
  • High-temperature silk wigs are hair made by artificial technology and used for decorative accessories. The high-temperature wire can remain undistorted below 270 degrees, so it can be used to make styles. Although it is easy to use and low cost, it is usually made of resin material, which is usually a whole. The biggest advantage is that the hairstyle will not be messy and easy to shape.