Collection: Green lace front wig

What is a green lace front wig?

The green lace wig or lace front wig is a special kind of wig made on a transparent lace base. The green lace front wig is hand woven from real human hair on a transparent lace base. The bottom of the full lace wig is full of lace, while the lace front wig only has transparent lace where the hairline is obvious. The rest of the parts are made of materials that are not easy to damage. Compared with lace, the tear resistance of this material is not as good as that of lace. Lace wigs are the most expensive wigs. 

How to clean green lace front wig?

  1. Gently wipe the bottom of the net with a glue remover to remove all the glue on it
  2. Rinse the bottom of the net and the hair with warm water (the water temperature should not be too hot, otherwise it will easily cause the bottom of the net and the hair to deform).
  3. Take a small amount of shampoo and lather on the hair, then rinse with lukewarm water
  4. Use a conditioner that softens and conditions wigs to keep your hair soft and less tangle-free
  5. Rinse off the conditioner with lukewarm water
  6. Gently wipe the hair with a towel to absorb the moisture (be careful not to pull too hard, otherwise the fragile mesh bottom will be easily torn, or the hair above it will be easily torn)
  7. After drying, place it on the head mold to dry and you can wear it again
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