Coleção: Blonde Wigs

What is a cosplay blonde wig?

There are two types of cosplay blond wigs, real wigs, and synthetic wigs, and the best blond wigs are human hair wigs. The real wig is made from human hair so it looks soft and real. Synthetic blonde wigs are made of synthetic fibers, heat-resistant fibers, silky soft, strong, full, and adjustable.

What is blonde?

Blonde hair refers to a variety of different hair colors, ranging from yellow to pale hair, and can be found in some humans due to the relatively small amount of eumelanin in the hair that appears blonde. Some hair colors with slightly more eumelanin, such as red hair or brown hair, will also appear partially blond due to uneven pigment distribution. In Western divisions, blonde hair has always been associated with female beauty.

Why are cosplay wigs blonde?

Morojo's blonde cosplay wigs are all hand-crocheted, thin, and realistic, with good breathability. It is designed by our professional designers according to the character modeling, and the similarity is 99%. Our cosplay blonde wigs are made of blonde synthetic fibers, and objects appear in different colors depending on the wavelengths they cannot absorb.

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