Coleção: Red Wigs

What is a red wig?

You can easily try different styles of hairstyles, these red wigs are based on anime characters to make your cosplay more similar. You can also get more inspiration with these red wigs to help you perfect your cosplay.

What is red?

Red is one of the additive primary colors in the RGB color model and it represents bravery, passion, and enthusiasm. Red is the color of the low-frequency end of the visible spectrum of electromagnetic waves that stimulate the observer's vision through energy, with a frequency of 380~480THz (corresponding to a wavelength of about 780~620nm in the air), similar to the color of fresh blood, which ordinary people cannot see electromagnetic waves with frequencies lower than red, and such electromagnetic waves are generally referred to as infrared rays.

Why are cosplay wigs red?

Objects appear in different colors depending on the wavelengths they cannot absorb, the eye perceives red when observing light with a dominant wavelength between approximately 780 and 620 nm.

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