Coleção: Blue Wigs

What is a blue wig?

We designed the blue wig as close to the character as possible, aiming to provide the most accurate wig which is similar to the original figure. The synthetic blue wig uses heat-resistance fiber, unlike real human hair, the wig would never shed unless brushed in improper ways. 

What is blue?

Blue is a cool-tone color, which is a color between purple and cyan In the visible light of electromagnetic waves, its frequency is higher (second only to violet light), and the frequency is 600~700THz (corresponding to the wavelength of 500~430nm in the air), which belongs to high-frequency light. Blue is one of the additive primary colors in the RGB color model, it is also the most popular color according to the survey.

Why are cosplay wigs blue?

Objects appear in different colors depending on the wavelengths they cannot absorb, the eye perceives blue when observing light with a dominant wavelength between approximately 450 and 495 nanometres.


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