Coleção: Purple Wigs

What is a purple wig?

The purple wigs are hand-woven by our designers, silky and realistic. These purple wigs will give you inspiration for your cosplay, perfectly restoring anime characters.

What is purple?

Purple refers to the highest frequency part of visible light of electromagnetic waves, which is higher in frequency than blue light. The frequency of electromagnetic waves is 700~790THz (corresponding to the wavelength of 430~380nm in the air), which is also the light with the highest frequency and the shortest wavelength that the human eye can see from the visible spectrum. Purple is a secondary color and is an absolute neutral color. It is a combination of warm reds and cool blues. It is an excellent stimulating color.

Why are cosplay wigs purple?

We didn't put lavender in our wigs. Objects appear in different colors depending on the wavelengths they cannot absorb, the eye perceives purple when observing light with a dominant wavelength between approximately 430~380nm.

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