About Us

Original idea

In 2014, the younger brother of a friend in London started an animation company and wanted to participate in a small performance at a comic convention in London (at that time, most of the COS performances were only on stage, and no one was shooting outside scenes.) They Organized a Marvel group, lacked a Gwen Spider-Woman, had to be on stage often, and liked Marvel, his sister thought of me. I have seen the works of well-known COSER in anime magazines before, and I am no stranger to COS, but I really never thought of doing it myself. The most painful thing at the time was actually the wig. You don't have a good source for high-quality wigs, and shopping online isn't universal. We bought a golden wig from a model store at the time, and when we got it back, we designed it ourselves, but unfortunately, it didn't work well.

At this exhibition, I met a boy, Mike Owens. He played One Piece's Luffy, because I also like One Piece's anime, so we came together like this. Unfortunately, in 2018, Mike was diagnosed with cancer. When I heard the news, I was broken for a while, but Mike was not depressed. What's the use of considering so many uncertain factors, and the last thing to do has to be done. Just like the Luffy he likes, he is optimistic and positive in the face of difficulties, and he is up to it. He is doing his best to fight against the disease.

After chemo, his hair fell out, and he told me he wanted to play Luffy again. "I don't have any hair anymore, so I can wear Luffy's wig every day and imagine myself becoming One Piece."

Maybe here, everyone wants us to have a happy ending, and so do I. Unfortunately, he did not overcome the disease.


The trip that started it all

Morojo was the first cosplayer, and she appeared at the first sci-fi convention wearing her own sci-fi clothes, attracting a lot of attention. Since then, cosplay has begun to move into the public eye, and Morojo has extraordinary significance for cosplay.

My name is Jeny Ortiz and my acquaintance with Mike started at cosplay conventions in London, so it was like Morojo who connected us (Mike Owens & Jan Oritz). I wanted to pass on Mike's unyielding will, and Morojo was born.

We were onto something

The real cosplay is not just to dress up its appearance, but also to comfort the soul. Just imagine, in such a competitive urban society, everyone will suffer from all kinds of pressure and confusion because of their work or study. If you can put aside these at this time and COS create another self, wouldn't that be a great liberation from the mental pressure of the self? Relaxing your mood and relaxing yourself through the mutual transformation of roles is just a temporary escape from reality and a temporary change in thinking. The joy I feel and the ease of escaping the pain of reality can make me more positive, more confident and looking forward to it. Role-playing is not only self-satisfaction, but also a positive attitude towards life and an optimistic way of life.

For a long time in the past, many people have suffered a lot, and many times luck may or may not come, but this does not affect your original heart. Pain is right. Pain comes from dissatisfaction with the status quo. Only deep, will there be desire to transform all this, then it is power. Anxiety is also right. Anxiety is because you want to do better. It means that you pursue high goals, have high vision, have a lot of knowledge, and those who are suffering and anxious are the real you and me.


Morojo Cosplay Wigs is a UK-based cosplay wig store made up of a hardworking team of cosplayers!

All of our wigs are heat resistant and tangle resistant while maintaining a soft luxurious feel. Morojo Cosplay Wigs stands behind the consistent quality of our products!

Now a large number of people have started to join cosplay, we can easily get cosplay props, which is a good thing.

Lastly, richer life and a brighter future.